"...Michael Jarvis was particularly sensitive at the fortepiano; his delicate work added immeasurably to the charm and descriptiveness of the recitatives."
The Vancouver Sun (Canada)


"...this was to be a performance to treasure, as indeed it was...wonderfully poised playing."
Music in Victoria


"The most poignant work of the afternoon was the Sonata in E minor for Violin and Keyboard by Mozart... Here Jarvis and Luchkow demonstrated the true skill of duet playing. There was an intense conversation ensuing between the two instruments, listening, blending, accentuating, and debating, yet each always respecting the other."
The North Shore News (Vancouver)


BLEMF (Bloomington Early Music Festival) GETS A TREAT WITH CANADIAN DUO
"...the limpid fortepiano delectably played by her partner [Jarvis]. This soprano [Sinclair] and this fortepianist combine in effective partnership. Sinclair sang beautifully and with emotional insight; Jarvis underscored the sentiments. Not ever did Jarvis force his instrument, as some of today's fortepiano practitioners do. Nor did he strive for flamboyance in the interpretation of these songs (without words). How gorgeous these songs, and how charmingly they were played." The Bloomington Herald-Times (Indiana, USA)


"Ce [disque] sont généralement de bonne surprises . . . extrément engageants . . .il s'agit d'un excellent travail de redécouverte et une interprétation très honorable . . . la modeste suite pour clavecin de Clarke, qui rivalise toutefois difficilement avec celle en ré mineur de Purcell, dont Michael Jarvis donne ici une interprétation limpide et inspirée . . ." 7/10. Répertoire (France)


"Sinclair is admirably supported by Michael Jarvis . . . [Jarvis] taking over the spotlight in the two splendidly played harpsichord suites . . . " Fanfare (USA)


"Michael Jarvis displays the discipline so necessary for such a difficult instrument . . . [the harpsichord solos] both demand repeat hearings . . . " RPM (USA)


"Michael Jarvis has extensive credentials as a harpsichordist and provides excellent work here both as an accompanist and as a soloist." The National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Journal of Singing (USA)


"Sinclair's warm, persuasive singing is considerably supported by Jarvis' accompaniment . . ." Continuo (USA)


"Jarvis has an awesome technique that produces music of enormous style and crystal clarity . . . the contours of the music are never even blurred, but emerge with a coherence and persuasiveness that is remarkable. Jarvis' elegant, stylish harpsichord . . . as always Jarvis draws a lovely, coherent musical line that enlivens the music with vigour and intensity even at the most sedate tempos." The Hamilton Spectator (Canada)


"An absolutely extrordinary performance . . . a breathtaking bit of music making."
The Hamilton Spectator (Canada)


"Jarvis'. . .playing is smooth and fluent. Ornaments and graces are executed cleanly and stylishly in a manner that does not disrupt the eloquent momentum of his phrasing.
The Halifax Chronicle Herald (Canada)


"Jarvis, who plays continuo realizations which are imaginative and musical and who shines in his all-too-short solos." Classical Music Magazine (Canada)

Michael Jarvis